Application for Authorization of Temporary Stay (MKV)

Foreigners with a visa requirement (with the exception of those of Surinamese origin), who intend to stay in the Republic of Suriname for a period of longer than 90 (ninety) days, must apply for an Authorization for Temporary Stay (MKV = Machtiging tot Kort Verblijfat least 3 (three) months before their intended departure to Suriname.

Applicants for Authorization of Temporary Stay (MKV) cannot apply through the e-Visa/e-Tourist Card website.

Passport must be valid for at least 6 months upon arrival in Suriname

Authorization for Temporary Stay (MKV) is a NOT a visa. The MKV is the primary stage of the process (approval) that paves the way for application of a KV (Temporary Stay) visa needed to enter Suriname. All foreigners hoping to receive a KV visa must be in possession of an approved MKV.

The Authorization for Temporary Stay (MKV) is not issued by the Embassy. Instead the MKV is issued by the Ministry of Justice and Police of Suriname. Your documents will be forwarded to Suriname and your case will be reviewed by the Ministry of Justice of Police in Suriname.

Submitting supporting documents does not guarantee that the MKV will be granted to you, but it will allow the Ministry of Justice and Police to make a decision about your application based on everything you have provided. Please note that the Ministry reserves the right to ask for additional documents. Applicants may be requested to attend an interview.

Applicants for an Authorization for Temporary Stay (MKV) must first pay the MKV processing fee of RMB500 by bank transfer. ( EMBASSY BANKING INFORMATION.) This fee is non refundable, regardless of the decision taken on your  MKV application.

Applications must be sent to the Embassy for processing along with the required documentation by a trusted courier service.



The following are needed to apply for Authorization of Temporary Stay (MKV): 1.   Two (2) completed and signed  MKV application form-2021 2.   Three (3) recent color passport photographs. (Criteria for passport photo) 3.   Two (2) color copies of all pages in the passport (including blank pages); 4.   One original notarized copy of the birth certificate with […]

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Only after you have been notified by the Consular Affairs officer that your application for MKV has been approved, you may now apply for the Temporary Stay (KV) visa which also permits you to enter Suriname. Requirements to apply for a KV Visa: A passport valid for at least six months from the date of […]