Application for a new Surinamese passport.

To avoid problems with renewing your residence permit and planning a holiday abroad, it is important that you have a passport that is valid for no less than 6 (six) months.
Please note the expiry date of your passport and apply for renewal on time.
With an expired passport you cannot travel to Suriname when there is an urgency.
Be advised that you can submit an application for a new passport to the Embassy as early as 8 (eight) months before the expiry date of your current passport.
Your current passport will not be withheld during the processing of your application, so you will not be restricted in any way.
The processing time for obtaining a new passport after submitting your application is set to a minimum of 3 (three) months.
Minor children are no longer included in the passport of the parent(s). They need to apply for their own passport.
A passport can also be requested for a newborn child with the birth certificate and other supporting documents.

Requirements for application of a new passport

  1. Two (2) Completed COLOR printed Passport Application form (Fill in form in Dutch or English and keep signature within the designated box);
  2. Two (2) Full copies of old passport in COLOR (including the blank pages);
  3. Three (3) Identical passport photos (see criteria for passport photo);
  4. Two (2) Copies of Surinamese ID card in color (if available);
  5. Two (2) Copies of the announcement of the nationality or notice from the Ministry of Justice & Police;
  6. Two (2) Copies of the certificate of Birth;
  7. Two (2) Copies of marriage certificate or of relationship;
  8. Two (2) Copies of residence permit (if outside China);
  9. Two (2) Copies of the Bank transaction statement (please pay at the Bank of China according to information below).
  10. If old passport cannot be presented, a report from the Police must be submitted.
  11. Applicants outside of Mainland China must provide a declaration from the relevant authority of their country/SAR of residence, stating that they are not holders of a passport of their country/SAR of residence.

Applicant may submit abovementioned documents to the Embassy in person or send by trusted courier.

Download Application form here and print in color

For passport fees click on Chancellery Rights


Fees in RMB are only applicable to Surinamese nationals residing in Mainland China

Published on 2014/06/28