On January 21, 2014 (SB 2014 no. 8) the law establishing the status of Persons of Surinamese Origin (PSA) and the rights and obligations arising from that status was promulgated by the President of the Republic of Suriname. Through this law, Persons of Surinamese descent have the option of activating the status of Persons of Surinamese descent (by requesting a PSA document).


A person with a valid PSA document:

  • Does not require a visa to enter the territory of the Republic of Suriname for a period of 5 years from the date of issue of the PSA document. Other travel documents including the passport are still required;
  • May stay in Suriname for 6 consecutive months. The stay can be extended by a maximum of 6 months. The PSA must demonstrate that it can provide for its own livelihood and housing;
  • Has the possibility to register as a resident, after arrival within 6 months, but at the latest within 12 months – in case one has obtained an extension of temporary residence.
  • Has the possibility to work without a work permit.

A PSA beneficiary (Article 2 of the PSA Act, S.B. 2014 no.8) is any person who does not have Surinamese nationality and who:

  1. Was born in Suriname, with the exception of those whose parents, who themselves are/were not of Surinamese descent, temporarily resided/stayed in Suriname in foreign service or for study or any further matter when that person was born;
  2. Was not born in Suriname, but has at least one parent on the basis of paragraph 1 of this article is of Surinamese descent;
  3. Was not born in Suriname, but has at least one grandparent who is of Surinamese descent on the basis of paragraph 1 of this article.

Family members:

  • The PSA beneficiary who activates his/her status can request a “PSA document for family members” for his/her legal partner (Surinamese BW) if he/she is not entitled to the status and/or for each of his/her minors ( foster) children belonging to the family of the PSA.
  • A minor may be entitled to PSA status under the PSA Act, while the parent/guardian does not have this right. The parent/guardian can then activate the PSA status for the minor as a legal representative on the basis of Article 5 paragraph 5 of the PSA Act. If he/she belongs to the family of which the minor is a part, he/she can also request the PSA document for family members.



*** UNDER CONSTRUCTION ***  The purpose of the PSA Act is to formalize the relationship between the State of Suriname and Persons of Surinamese Origin anywhere in the world. Although many people have the right to PSA status, accepting the status is free. The PSA status can be activated via the PSA website of the Ministry of […]