COVID – 19 Suriname updates

Passengers intended to travel to Suriname should observe the COVID-19 measures in effect for the period 01 September 2021 until 22 September 2021:

The borders are open to passenger traffic during this period, provided that:

          Someone obtains the status of being fully vaccinated, two weeks after the last vaccination.

The following documents are required:

– Proof of complete vaccination

– Negative PCR and

– Valid travel documents

For a better understanding of the above please read the full text of the translated press release COVID-19 measures Aug 09 -Aug 31 2021These measures have been extended until 22 September 2021. 

The full text of the updated measures in Dutch can be read on the website.

BOG Suriname (= Public Health Bureau of Suriname.) The Public Health Bureau of Suriname (BOG) is the national institute in preventive health care that focuses on the promotion and monitoring of the general health of everyone in Suriname. (Website in Dutch).  On this website all COVID-19 related information is published.

Published on 2021/07/27