Driver’s licenses

Information for holders of a Surinamese driver’s license.

Holders of a Surinamese driver’s license who reside in China can apply for a renewal, duplicate or international driver’s license at the Embassy of the Republic of Suriname in Beijing.

Required documents:

1. Original color application form in duplicate (completed and signed). (Download here)

2. Birth certificate from the Civil Registry (CBB).  This should be delivered at the Consular Affairs Department in Suriname by relative or friend.

–  for a driver’s license renewal: a clear color copy of the driver’s license.

–  for a duplicate driver’s license (in case of loss): a color copy of the official police report regarding the loss of the driver’s license, signed by the police  officer and with police stamp. A color copy of your valid proof of identity (ID card/valid passport)

–  for international driver’s license: a clear color copy of the valid national driver’s license

3. Three (3) recent color passport photo’s: White background, both ears visible, without head gear. No earrings for males.

4. A color copy of the divorce certificate, if your married name is stated on the driver’s license but you are now divorced.  In the event of death of the  married partner, a copy of the death certificate.

5. An original health certificate (not older than one month) regarding the regarding the ability (with/without medical restrictions) to drive a motor  vehicle, with the doctor’s signature and stamp.

6. Color copy of payment receipt.

Remark: Point 4 is not applicable when applying for an International driving license from Suriname

Submission : The application for the renewal of the driver’s license can be submitted from 3 months prior to the expiry date.  All required documents should  be sent to the Embassy for processing.


  • Renewal driver’s license: USD 100,-  or RMB 700,- (including administration costs as of August 1, 2021)
  • Duplicate driver’s license: USD 125,- or RMB 875,- (including administration costs as of August 1, 2021)
  • International driver’s license:

Method of payment: Through bank transfer only. (see EMBASSY BANKING INFORMATION)


If the driving license has expired for more than 1 (one) year and less than 3 (three) years, in addition to USD 100.- from the beginning of the second expiry year, an amount of at least USD 120.- must be paid, increased by USD 5.- from each subsequent month until the time of submission of the application, at the latest 1 month before the “due date” in the 3rd due year.  Example: the driving license expired on 01-06-2012, then the application (with required documents) must be submitted before 01-05-2015 (3rd expiry year).       Driver’s licenses whose validity has expired for more than 3 (three) years will not be extended.