The following are needed to apply for Authorization of Temporary Stay (MKV):

1.   Two (2) completed and signed  MKV application form-2021

2.   Three (3) recent color passport photographs. (Criteria for passport photo)

3.   Two (2) color copies of all pages in the passport (including blank pages);

4.   One original notarized copy of the birth certificate with English translation +  one photocopy in color.

5.   One original notarized copy of Certificate of Good Conduct in English +  one color photocopy.

6.   One original Bank statement or other document/information proving sufficient financial means

during stay in Suriname (in English) + one photocopy in color

7.   If application concerns internship or voluntary work: two (2) color copies of an official letter of the

organization/ institution in Suriname stating the  purpose and duration of agreement.

8.   If applicant intends to work in Suriname: two (2) color copies of the labor/employment contract.

9.   Proof of residence (if applicable)

10. Proof of marital status:

– If married/divorced/single/widow: a certified copy of marriage license/divorce certificate/proof of


– If cohabiting (partner relationship): proof of cohabitation in the country

11. Notarized letter of consent by parents and a copy of the birth certificate:

– If a child (up to 18 years) is traveling alone

– If a child (up to 18 years) is traveling with one of the parents (with consent of the 2nd parent)

– Custodians should provide legal documents or notarized power of attorney from parents

– a certified copy of the judicial decision in case of adoption/legal guardianship of a child (up to 18 years)

12. Two (2) color copies of statements of guarantor in Suriname (in case of insufficient funds of applicant)

13. Two (2) color copies of valid health insurance

14. Two (2) color copies of Certificate of Health Examination for International Travelers

15. Two (2) color copies of valid International Certificate of Vaccination for the yellow fever

16. Proof of payment for MKV processing fee (Bank statement).

Please print out Checklist for MKV 2021 for your convenience and enclose in the application package for the Embassy.

Applications must be sent to the Embassy for processing along with the required documentation by a trusted courier service.

Once your MKV application has been approved, you will be informed by the Consular Affairs officer by email. 

Important Notice:

Published on 2021/07/29