As per May 1, 2023 the visa requirement will be in effect for nationals of the following countries who will travel to Suriname for tourism purposes and family visits namely:

Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Eritrea, Ghana, India, Cameroun, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tunesia, Venezuela, Zambia and South Africa.

Passport holders of aforementioned countries can apply for visa online at VFSA Global Suriname via the following weblink:

Effective April 15th, 2019, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Suriname has launched its ‘E-Visa / E-Tourist Card online Application Website’ for all foreign nationals subject to visa requirement to enter the Republic of Suriname or eligible to obtain a Tourist Card.

VFS Global is the only Official and Authorized partner for the Government of the Republic of Suriname/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation, to issue a Suriname E-VISA/E-Tourist Card.

Applicants for Tourist, Business and Transit Visa or Tourist Card should click on the link VFS E-visa Suriname website) and will be directed to the Official VFS Global website.

The first step of the E-Visa application is to register your account on the website. A selection of multiple languages are available for your convenience. Provide all the requested information and upload the necessary documents.

Please note that in order to have a seamless process for your Surinamese E-Visa application, you will need a stable working internet connection. In the event of your connection being unstable, an error message will be prompted for security reasons.

Should you have any question about visa application, please send email to

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