How to apply for a visa

Application form must be completed on-line and submitted through the website. After submission you will be notified on- line that your application has been accepted or denied.

Download a hard copy of the guide to visa application.

Apply now or find out which visa type is correct for you, by following the links below.


Business Visa

If the purpose of your visit is commercial in nature, including attending a conference, business meetings, supervising or training of workers, and short internships. International entrepreneurs who would like to investigate investment opportunities in Suriname are also eligible for a business visa. General Information A visa issued by Suriname permits free travel within the Republic […]


Tourist Visa

If the purpose of your planned travel is recreational in nature, including tourism, vacation (holiday), visits with friends or relatives, and will take less than 3 months, a tourist visa would be the appropriate type of visa for your travel. The visa department may change the visa category you will need based on the purpose […]


Transit Visa

A transit visa is a temporary short period visa during your journey to your third / final destination. If you are unable to reach your final destination through a direct flight from your origin / home, you will have to apply for a transit visa. Transit visa is issued for one day and has a […]