Fees and charges

This page contains information about the fees that we charge for consular services. We have made carefully considered decisions to set some fees at or below the cost of delivery and other fees above the cost of delivery, to reflect the value of the product.
Payment must accompany your application and will not be refunded if the application is unsuccessful.
All prices are in Chinese Renminbi and correct at time of release.

Fees and charges

Item / 项目 USD RMB
Tourist visa, Multiple entry in 2 months 495
Business visa Single or Multiple entry in 2 months 630
Business visa Multiple entry in 1 year (not applicable) 3330
Authentication Fee 140
KV visa Single entry 3 months only for persons who have requested a (“MKV”) Authorization for Temporary Stay in Suriname 495
MKV Administration Cost 500

Bank transfer from other cities to Beijing for MKV and/or other visa fee in RMB

Please don’t use ATM machine to transfer payment, because it can’t remark the name and passport number. In that case, we can’t identify your payment. The Embassy would not take any responsiblity to the result of your loss due to ATM transfer.

Beneficiary’s Bank Name and Address BANK OF CHINA
1 Fuxingmen Nei Dajie
Beijing, 100818
Bank’s Swift Code BKCH CN BJ
Beneficiary’s Name and Address EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF SURINAME
Jianguomenwai Diplomatic Compound
Jianguomenwai DajieOffice: 2-2-22 Postal Code: 100600
Beneficiary’s RMB A/C No. 778350022386
Remittance information Purpose of your deposit/name and passport number of applicant
Published on 2012/07/24