How to pick up approved visa

After your application has been accepted, finalize your application by following the steps below:

  1. You must: Make sure your application is approved. (Click here to check your application status)
  2. You must: Pay your visa fee at the Bank of China (Click here for fees and bank information)
  3. You must: Prepare document for visa (Click here to see which documents are necessary)
  4. You must: Post all document to the Embassy (Click here for our mailing address)
  5. The Embassy will: Receive and double check the submitted documents
  6. The Embassy will: Issue your visa
  7. The Embassy will: Post back passport, receipt and visa to applicant
  8. You must: Fill in receipt and mail it back to

Note: Make sure your application has been approved before mailing documents to the Embassy.

Published on 2012/06/26