1. Register for MKV

Foreigners with the intention of staying longer than three months will have to apply for an Authorization for Temporary Stay (MKV) before they travel to Suriname. You can learn how to get an MKV (and subsequent KV visa) by reading either the simple instructions or the detailed instructions. Both describe the same process.

Click here for simple instructions

  1. Register your MKV request (Click red button below to register)
  2. Follow the instructions in our guide to MKV and KV application.
    You will need to fill in and sign the MKV application form.
  3. Continue to the KV visa.

Click here for detailed instructions (and additional information)

General Information

Authorization for Temporary Stay (MKV) is a NOT a visa. The MKV is a permit that allows you to apply for a KV visa. All foreigners hoping to receive a KV visa must be in possesion of an approved MKV.

The Authorization for Temporary Stay (MKV) is not issued by the Embassy of Suriname. Instead the MKV is issued by the Suriname Ministry of Justice and Police. Your documents will be forwarded to Suriname and your case will be reviewed by the Ministry of Justice of Police in Suriname.

Submitting supporting documents does not guarantee that the MKV will be issued to you, but it will allow the Ministry of Justice and Police to make a decision about your application based on everything you have provided. Please note that the Ministry always has the right to ask additional documents. Applicants may be requested to attend an interview.

MKV does not give you the right to enter Suriname. The MKV merely gives you the right to apply for a KV visa. Please see the how to apply for a KV visa section after your MKV has been approved.

Foreigners with the intention to apply for an Authorization for Temporary Stay (MKV) must pay the MKV administration fee, 500RMB, to the designated bank account upon acceptation of the application file. It will not be refunded, regardless of the decision taken on your visa application.

How to apply

You have to apply for an Authorization for Temporary Stay (MKV) by following the steps below:

  1. You must: Register your application for an MKV. This registration doesn’t mean the start of your application, only for Embassy’s information of your intention. (See red button at the end of the page to register)
  2. You must: Pay your MKV Administration fee at the Bank of China (Click here for fees and bank information)
  3. You must: Prepare the following documents for your MKV:
    • Fully completed and signed MKV application forms (Click here to download the form)
    • 4 recent, resembling colour passport photograph ( 3 x 4 light blue background; facing forward; ears visible)
    • A photocopy of all written pages of passport of your passport
    • Notarized copy of birth certificate of applicant
    • Notarized copy of family relation certificate of applicant (if applicable)
    • Notarized copy of marriage status certificate of applicant (single/married/divorced/etc)
    • Notarial Certificate of No Criminal Record
    • Health certificate including HIV/AIDS Test
    • Valid International Certificate of Vaccination for the yellow fever
    • Required documents from the inviter
      • Invitation letter in English and Chinese or Dutch and Chinese
      • Guarantee letter in English and Chinese or Dutch and Chinese
      • If inviter is Surinamese, the notarized copy of passport first page is required.
      • If inviter is Chinese, the notarized copy of the Stay Permit is required.
      • Notarized copy of the inviter’s business license
      • If inviter is employee, the employment letter issued by employer and employer’s business license are required.
      • Notarized copy of inviter’s residence permit (if applicable)
    • Add additional documents for minors (if applicable)
      • If only one of parent invite in Suriname or parent divorced, the notarized consent (signed and dated) of the parent(s)/legal guardian who is not traveling along with the minor is required.
  4. You must: Post all document to the Embassy (Click here for our mailing address)
  5. The Embassy will: Receive and double check and forward the submitted documents to the Ministry of Justice and Police
  6. The Ministry will: Issue your Authorization for Temporary Stay (MKV) and inform the embassy
  7. The Embassy will:Update the status of your registration once your MKV has been approved or denied. You will receive an email from our system or you may check the status on the website.
  8. You must: Apply for a KV visa. (Click here to apply for an KV visa)

Please note:

  • All documents will not return to you once the Embassy accept and forward to the Ministry of Justice and Police. Therefore, you should have your copy in advance.
  • All documents must be valid during the processing time of MKV which is approximate three months!

Fees and charges

The MKV administration fee is 500RMB. Pleae deposit to the designed bank account of the Embassy (Click here for fees and bank information)

Hard copies

Download a hard copy of the MKV application form.
Download a hard copy of the guide to MKV and KV application.